Where to find clothing from Norwegian Rat


GALLERI FJALAR is the only physical store that pretty much have our entire catalog! The gallery is owned and run by the musician and artist Kristian "Gaahl" Espedal. They do exhibitions with Norwegian and international artists, plus they have an additional room focused on music and merch etc. We also happen to do some exclusive merch for his band, Gaahls Wyrd. In other words; if you happen to fins yourself at Bryggen in Bergen, make sure you drop by for a lookie. Great people and lots of exiting things to find!

Galleri Fjalar


NIDHOGG TATTOO have a few of our products. Most likely you'll find our Nidhogg denim jacket here, as Jannicke is the one that did the excellent artwork that is located on the inside. Nidhogg Tattoo studio is owned and run by Jannicke Wiese Hansen and Annlaug Maria Tolo. As a quite convenient coincidence they happen to be located in the exact same building as Galleri Fjalar!


NORWEGIAN RAT - HEADQUARTERS - Not exactly a store, but if you're nearby and are keen on trying a product (and having a cup of coffee), feel free to contact us.

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